Adventure One: New Year, New Teachers, New Students (and Old ones too!)

Gale (Steph) and Noherern (Gray) head out into the town to collect a budding new supernatural fire elemental, and find him at a burning house. Gale managed to convince Michael Flame (the new kid) to get in their car and drive to the university. On the way, Gale explained his new elemental powers (as she is also an elemental), and Michael is now enrolled in her course “Accepting Your True Self”, and is a member of their guild on campus.

On the way back, there may or may not have been a hit-and-run.

Sara Atkins (Gale’s student and Noheren’s demon-kin) was missing from the first day of class, and so the two teachers set out into town to see her at her house. Sara was in the basement and showing her demon side, but was calmed down and brought back to school. She mentioned that she had been the recipient of a rash of bad luck, and that this causes her to show her true self. She may or may not have been struck by a car.

At school, Noheren learned that the list of new students would be available soon, and that it might be possible to see the list early. Jenna Silver hinted that the list was hidden in the music teacher’s piano. Noheren had Sara dump all of her bad luck on the music teacher, who left and got in a car accident, while Noheren read the list from the leg of the piano.

Gale did some research with the librarian that led her to believe that the supernatural hunters were making their way to the university to start a war. Gale (with the help of Noheren) were able to alert Jenna to the real possibility that security might need to become a little more strict.


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